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You can help clean the air.

Unleaded 88 burns cleaner than regular gasoline, making it good for your engine and better for our earth.



Unleaded 88, also known as E15, is a high–quality fuel that contains 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline. It's less expensive than regular unleaded, provides better engine performance and is kinder to our earth.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved all light-duty cars built after 2001, as safe for Unleaded 88 use. The Renewable Fuels Association estimates that nearly 97% of the registered vehicles on the road today are legally approved by the EPA to use Unleaded 88 and 95% of those carry the manufacturer’s endorsement to use it.

What is Ethanol?
Ethanol is a renewable fuel, distilled from corn grown in Wisconsin and throughout the midwest. It produces 43% less greenhouse gas compared to gasoline, making it much healthier for our air and lungs.
Gasoline is comprised of up to 30% of harmful toxins like benzene, toluene and xylene. These carcinogens come out of the vehicle's exhaust in the form of ultra-fine particles which our bodies breathe in and can't filter out. Research conducted by the Urban Air Initiative shows that by adding more ethanol to gasoline we can replace these harmful compounds, reducing tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions while improving air quality. 

Unleaded 88

Also referred to as E15
The Environmentally Friendly Fuel
  • Burns cleaner

  • Less expensive

  • Better engine performance

  • Kinder to our earth

Regular Unleaded

87 no push text.jpg
Also referred to as E10
Regular, unleaded gasoline
  • More expensive than Unleaded 88

  • Contains more pollutants than Unleaded 88



Since the Clean Air Act Amendments were adopted in 1990 ethanol has helped reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide in our air by 77%.

-Renewable Fuels Association



There are many myths surrounding ethanol as a fuel for vehicles. We've busted those myths with the real facts. 


In terms of emissions, ethanol pollutes the same as gasoline, or more.

FACT: Ethanol results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline and is fully biodegradable, unlike many fuel additives. A U.S. Department of Agriculture analysis shows that ethanol continues to significantly reduce greenhouse gases (GHG). The study notes that ethanol use in transportation fuel reduces GHG by 43% and projects that, based on current trends, these reductions will reach 47% by 2022. Since ethanol is produced locally from the corn grown in Wisconsin, the production process uses about 1/3 as much energy as gasoline production. 


Ethanol cannot be produced from corn in large enough quantities to make a real difference without disrupting food and feed supplies.


FACT: Corn is one source of ethanol, and the most prevalent in the upper Midwest U.S. This myth has been around since the 1980s, when corn yields were about 100 bushels per acre. In 2019, yields exceed 175 bushels per acre. Wisconsin farmers are responding to the demand for more fuel-destined corn-products by producing more per acre than ever before. Corn is now being grown specifically for fuel. And there is incredible room to grow additional yield. 


Ethanol is not safe for my vehicle's engine.

FACT: Auto manufacturers approve the use of Unleaded 88. According to an RFA analysis, more than 95% of model year 2020 vehicles have been explicitly approved by the manufacturer for the use of Unleaded 88. General Motors recommends use of Unleaded 88 beginning with its 2012 model year vehicles and Ford recommends Unleaded 88 for its 2013 and newer vehicles. Unleaded 88 is also approved for use by Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, Land Rover, Porsche, Jaguar, Honda, Subaru, and certain models of Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. (Source: Renewable Fuels Assoc., 2019)


Using Unleaded 88 in approved vehicles would help consumers across the U.S. save approximately $45 billion on gasoline, or $386 per household.


-Renewable Fuels Association



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Thoroughly tested, mechanic approved. 


Ethanol is a pure compound that is 35% oxygen and doesn't damage the soil and water like petroleum products.


-Renewable Fuels Association



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